Producer und Bassist Samuel Dixon ist nun Teil der Vincent Familie

Was haben wir uns gefreut, als uns vor ein paar Tage diese Mail erreichte:

Hi Johannes and Tobi

I just purchased a Marrakesh Akkurat and wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I love the bass. Such a fantastic instrument! Resonant, balanced, light-weight, even across the fretboard, modern sounding but not brash or ugly, and can still do the “classic” thing. You guys have really made something special! I have a few vintage fenders (which I love dearly) but recently have really been craving a “modern” precision type bass with updated features and design enhancements (but without onboard preamps etc) and discovered you guys when searching the internet. Serendipity!

Wow, große Freude! Falls ihr Sam nicht kennt:

Herzlich wilkommen in der Vincent Familie, lieber Sam!
Wir werden Sam bald noch einen Metropol auf den Leib schneidern, dazu später mehr.