Fima Ephron has joined the Vincent Family

Fima contacted us a few months ago after discovering the test of our Akkurat bass on Marius Goldhammer’s Instagram channel (Marius, thanks again!). We quickly came to an agreement and sent a Akkurat 4 built according to Fima’s wishes across the Atlantic for testing. What can we say, Fima is enthusiastic and probably not sending the bass back to us soon.

…it has lived up to my expectations. It’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to playing it next week with Oz Noy and Johnathan Kriesberg, which should be fun. I’ll keep you in the loop about upcoming events but it’s definitely coming out on the next Nate Smith tour starting the end on April.”

We are very happy about our new family member and about the upcoming Nate Smith tour to be able to experience Fima live with his Akkurat. Here are the tour dates.