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The Vincent METROPOL is a bass for (almost) everyone. Inspired by the great American bass icons, handcrafted using the TRUE TONE honeycomb chamber process, and equipped with all the features and innovations which make a bass into a genuine Vincent. We are convinced the METROPOL is the right instrument to give free rein to your musicality and creativity.

Review Bass Quarterly November 2019:

“Johannes Pöhlmann from Vincent has succeeded in greatly optimizing a classic bass model “under the hood” without compromising the familiar look and the clear line. The metropol is full of innovations, from the “lightening” and resonance improvement through the self-developed True Tone CombChambered process to the unusual but very functional detail solutions for neck rod, bridge and saddle.”
Ingo Spannhoff, Bass Quarterly, November 2019


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Vincent One-Piece Maple Neck with Vincent Dual-Trussrod, Rear Mount with SkunkStripe
Thin fretboard made of olive wood, maple or katalox, glued in the fretboard radius (Compound Radius 7,25″-12″)
Oilfinish for a natural feeling of play

Neck width nut: 40 mm
Stringspacing bridge: 20mm
Neck end: 62.5 mm
Neck profile: C-profile
Scale: 875 mm

21 + zero fret (stainless steel, medium size)
4-point fitting

Saddle / String Holder:
Vincent TRUE TONE Carbon string holder with integrated string guide and zero fret

Alder Body made in Vincent TRUE TONE Comb-Chambered process.

Hipshot Ultralight

2x Häussel J-Bass (Handmade in Germany)

passive, 1x volume poti, 1x pick-up aperture, 1x tone poti

Vincent TRUE TONE Bridge (stainless steel), semi string-through-body design

Glossy lacquered in 12 different colours

approx. 3.4 kg

Vincent Gigbag + Vincent Tool Set (Trussrod tool, Bridge tool, Vincent Neck Oil)


  1. Pascal Fleck

    I just received my Metropol last week and I have to say I am still baffled on how good this instrument really is. Light weight, really well made sound and excellent build quality make this a good investment for people looking to acquire a jazz-style instrument.

    It is not a small investment, but what you get is an instrument that will last you your whole career.

    It retains all the things that you love about the classic versions while improving upon it by adding a heap of sensible modern improvements (like the cambering, the bridge and nut). I was looking for a new “go-to” instrument and found it in the Metropol.

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