Customer quotes

What an amazing instrument!

I’m totally flashed by my new Vincent Akkurat PJ in Fangorn gray. Super processed, great feel, nice growling sound and a true “lightweight” due to the true tone chamber process. I’m glad that I “stumbled” over you! Thank you Johannes, thank you Tobi! Keep it up!

Matthias Gessler
Akkurat PJ

Akkurat: I think there is no adjective that describes this bass better.

Highly meticulous workmanship meets a classic design that has undergone clever extensions without wanting to be visually intrusive. The extremely pleasant weight, the honestly clear sound and the craftsmanship go hand in hand here. A great instrument that really managed to inspire me and comes across as simple and beautiful.

Michi Lang

I haven’t played a better instrument yet …

… and I have played some very good basses of different kinds since 1973 and have owned some of them !!! Compared to the Metropol, my Fender is a well-running, solid diesel, the Metropol is a kerosene-fired high-end machine !!!! I am deeply in love with the bass and I would rather not give it up anymore. I am now 62 years old, the bass time is limited and life is much too short to play a worse bass …

Tanja Pfeil